The Importance of Regular Property Maintenance as a Landlord

Landlord Guide

As a landlord, one of your key responsibilities is the maintenance of your rental properties. Whilst you may feel reluctant to take on maintenance tasks and it feels an unwanted cost, regular property maintenance is not just about fixing problems as they arise; it is about proactive management and upkeep to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of your investments! Ultimately if you do little and often, it prevents potential issues from growing into a much larger, more costly task.
Here’s why regular property maintenance is so crucial for landlords and how it can impact the overall success of your rental business.
Preserving Property Value
One of the primary benefits of regular maintenance is the preservation of your property’s value. Ultimately your property is your investment and properties that are well-cared-for not only retain their value better but can also appreciate over time. Regular maintenance tasks such as painting, landscaping, and fixing wear and tear can significantly enhance curb appeal, making your property more attractive to current and prospective tenants. Moreover, addressing minor issues promptly can prevent them from becoming major, costly problems down the line.
Enhancing Tenant Satisfaction and Retention
Tenant satisfaction is directly tied to the condition of the property they reside in. By ensuring that all components of your property are in good working order, you provide a comfortable and safe living environment for your tenants. This leads to higher tenant satisfaction, which is a key factor in tenant retention. Happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases, resulting in lower vacancy rates and more stable rental income for landlords.
Ensuring Legal Compliance and Safety
Regular property maintenance is essential for compliance with local housing codes and safety regulations. Landlords are legally required to ensure their properties meet certain safety standards, including working smoke & CO2 detectors, secure windows and doors, and safe electrical systems. Failure to comply can result in legal action from tenants or local authorities. At Evolve, our inspections and maintenance help landlords stay compliant and ensure their properties are safe for occupants, reducing the risk of accidents and liability claims. Unsure if your property ticks all the boxes? Get in touch and we can plan a visit.
Tips for Implementing a Successful Maintenance Strategy
Schedule Regular Inspections
Conducting regular inspections is the cornerstone of an effective maintenance strategy. Inspections can sometimes be overlooked but are crucial for identifying potential issues before they become serious problems.
Create a Maintenance Checklist
Develop a comprehensive checklist for each inspection. This should include checking the roof, plumbing, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems, appliances, and the property’s exterior and interior condition. Or get a member of our team to visit the property and we can do this for you!
Use Qualified Professionals
While minor repairs might be within the capability of a knowledgeable landlord, it is important to hire qualified professionals for more significant issues or specialised tasks. This ensures that repairs are done correctly and safely. Evolve Lettings is proud to have it's own in-house maintenance team who are always more than happy to help and ensures your maintenance needs are finished to a high, compliant standard.
Educate Tenants
Inform tenants about their maintenance responsibilities, such as changing light bulbs and reporting leaks. Encourage them to report issues promptly, as early detection can prevent larger problems. We have an extensive Tenant Guide which can help with this: Evolve Lettings Tenant Guide
To conclude...
Regular property maintenance is essential for landlords who wish to protect their investment, ensure tenant satisfaction, and comply with legal standards. By adopting a proactive approach to maintenance, landlords can avoid costly repairs, reduce turnover, and ensure their properties remain competitive in the rental market. Remember, a well-maintained property is not just a benefit to tenants; it is a cornerstone of a successful, profitable rental business.

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You've signed your contract and got your move-in date. What's next?

Tenant Guides

We've created a handy checklist to help you with the next steps, with guidance from 2 weeks & 1 week before you move, move-in day & also things to consider once you've settled in!

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Unpacking with a plan

Tenant Guides

Moving house can be a really stressful time for everyone involved, and just when you're all packed up and feel like the end is near, you have to tackle the task of unpacking everything and finding it a new place in your new home.


Unpacking with a plan can help to prioritise the most important rooms and make the task ahead seem a lot more manageable. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your new home probably won’t be perfect straight away either. We've made a little "Moving House Guide" to help you on your way! Don't forget the important last step...

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We are the principal sponsor for Rhinos Men's Under 18s & Under 16s

Sponsor News

Earlier this year, we became the new principal sponsor of the Rhinos Men’s Under 18s and Under 16s teams. Being Rhinos fans, this is a real milestone moment for the team and we can't wait for the season ahead.

Leeds Rhinos Commercial Director Rob Oates said: “We are thrilled to welcome Evolve Lettings on board as principle sponsors for the Rhinos Men’s Academy and Scholarship teams.  We already have a fantastic partnership with Evolve Lettings, as Associate Club Partners and sponsors of Rhyse Martin.  Whether you have properties of your own that you rent out, or if you’re looking for a property to rent, speak to the team at Evolve Lettings. They are brilliant people. We are extremely grateful to Evolve Lettings for their sponsorship and support.  They’re a huge part of the Rhinos family.” 

You can read more here: The Rhinos

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Exciting News: Evolve Lettings sponsors Clifford Juniors Football Team!

Evolve News

Evolve Lettings are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Clifford Juniors AFC. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local communities and nurturing young talent, we are proud to be one of the official sponsors of this youth football club.


Through this partnership, we look forward to actively engaging with the Clifford Juniors community, attending matches, and participating in club events. Our Commercial Director, Emily Wilkinson, will look forward to this in particular as her daughter Sophie is a member of the U11 girls team.


Furthermore, this collaboration presents an excellent opportunity for us to connect with local families and individuals who share our passion for community development and youth empowerment. We invite parents, players, and supporters to join us in celebrating this exciting partnership and to stay tuned for upcoming events and initiatives.


We are excited to embark on this journey and to witness the positive impact our partnership will have on the lives of those involved.


Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we embark on this exciting new chapter with Clifford Juniors AFC. Thank you for your continued support, and here's to a successful season ahead!

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The Crucial Role of Floor Plans in Letting Properties

In the dynamic world of lettings, where first impressions and quick decisions are ever important, floor plans serve as invaluable tools for both landlords and prospective tenants alike. Whether renting a studio apartment or a sprawling family home, having a detailed layout of the property can make a significant difference in the letting process.

Evolve Lettings include a floor plan as standard, and at no extra cost to our clients, for the marketing of all of our properties.
Here's why we see floor plans as essential assets:
Visual Clarity: Floor plans provide a clear visual representation of the property's layout, offering potential tenants a comprehensive understanding of the space before they even set foot inside. This visual clarity helps them imagine how their furniture and belongings will fit within the rooms, leading to more informed decision-making.
Useful Measurements: Measurement of each room, including dimensions and square footage, are crucial details that can be easily conveyed through a floor plan. Prospective tenants can assess whether their furniture will fit comfortably and gauge the overall spaciousness of the property, helping them determine if it meets their needs and lifestyle.
Efficient Decision-Making: In today's fast-paced rental market, time is of the essence. With a detailed floor plan readily available, tenants can quickly assess whether the property aligns with their preferences and requirements, streamlining the decision-making process. This efficiency benefits both tenants, who can expedite their search, and landlords, who can attract qualified applicants promptly.
Enhanced Marketing: Including floor plans in property listings enhances their appeal and marketability. Potential tenants are more likely to engage with listings that provide comprehensive information, including visual aids such as floor plans. By showcasing the layout and features of the property upfront, landlords can attract a broader audience and increase the chances of securing suitable tenants
Reduced Misunderstandings: Miscommunication and misunderstandings between landlords and tenants can often arise due to vague descriptions or incomplete information about a property's layout. Floor plans serve as a universal language, minimising the risk of misunderstandings by providing a clear and standardised representation of the property's structure and layout.
Virtual Tours and Remote Viewing: In an era where virtual tours and remote viewing options are increasingly popular, floor plans play a pivotal role in facilitating these experiences. Prospective tenants can explore properties from the comfort of their homes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the layout and flow of the space.
Professionalism and Credibility: Including floor plans in property listings demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail on the part of the landlord or letting agent. It instills confidence in potential tenants, signalling that the property is well-maintained and the letting process is transparent.
In conclusion, floor plans are indispensable tools in the process of letting properties. Evolve incorporate floor plans into their property listings to enhance the marketing, streamline the letting process and attract qualified tenants who can make quick decisions on a property’s suitability.

Contact us today to arrange a market appraisal for your property

and to experience The Evolve Difference 

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The Accumulator Challenge RESULTS ARE IN!

Martin House

The Accumulator Challenge RESULTS ARE IN! & whilst we weren't the winners, we are so proud of our efforts - well done team! We ran a very successful Bake Sale from the Driver's Club at Bowcliffe Hall and raffled off a wonderful sweet hamper donated by Laura's Confectionery Limited. Together, with; Bentleys Butchers of Pudsey, Claritas Solutions, Roberts Mart & Co Ltd, Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery, A. Laverack & Son Butchers, Laveracks at Pocklington, Laveracks at Wetherells, Holme Made Bakery, The Ferry Inn At Brough, Crombie Wilkinson Solicitors, Stonehouse Pizza & Carvery, Yellowtop Country Park, Cockburns Butchers & The Tan Hill Inn...

...we raised an amazing £13,330!

This money is invaluable to the families who rely on Martin House and could help them provide end of life care for a baby, child or young person, giving families precious time with their loved one in peaceful surroundings.

A big congratulations to the winning tem and Accumulator Challenge champions of 2024... BENTLEYS OF PUDSEY! They raised a whopping £2500 by selling scotch eggs, some of which contained a chocolate egg centre which gave the lucky buyer a cash prize!

We are excited to try again next year with bigger and better fundraising ideas!!
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Spring Cleaning Tips for Tenants: Refreshing Your Rental Property

Evolve News

Spring Cleaning Tips for Tenants: Refreshing Your Rental Property


As the winter chill fades away and the promise of spring beckons, it's time to breathe new life into your rental property. Spring cleaning isn't just about tidying up—it's an opportunity to refresh your living space, enhance comfort, and create a more inviting environment. Whether you're a seasoned renter or new to the rental scene, here are some practical spring cleaning tips to help you spruce up your home:


Start with a Plan: Before diving into cleaning, take a moment to assess your space and create a plan of action. Identify areas that need special attention and prioritise tasks based on their importance and feasibility. Having a plan will help you stay organised and make the most of your cleaning efforts.


Declutter and Donate: Begin by decluttering each room of your home. Sort through belongings and set aside items that you no longer need or use. Consider donating gently used clothing, household goods, and electronics to a local charity. Decluttering not only frees up space but also creates a more serene and stress-free environment.


Evolve support Martin House Children’s Hospice who are regularly in need of donations at their local shops.

Deep Clean Floors and Carpets: Give your floors and carpets a thorough cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and allergens that may have accumulated over the winter months. Vacuum carpets and rugs, mop hard floors, and spot-treat any stains or spills. Consider renting a carpet cleaner for a deeper clean, especially in high-traffic areas.


Evolve can recommend Homenclean carpet cleaners, who would be happy to provide you with a quote.


Contact - Carpet Cleaning Yorkshire (


Brighten Up Walls and Windows: Clean walls, windows, and window treatments to let in more natural light and brighten up your space. Wipe down walls with a mild detergent solution to remove dust and grime. Clean windows inside and out to enjoy clearer views and improve energy efficiency. Don't forget to dust or wash window blinds, curtains, and drapes for a complete refresh.


Refresh Kitchen and Bathroom Surfaces: Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom areas, as these are often the most heavily used and prone to dirt and bacteria buildup. Clean and sanitise countertops, sinks, taps, and appliances using eco-friendly cleaning products. Replace old sponges and scrub brushes for a fresh start.


If you need help with a deep clean of your appliances or if you would just like a professional spring clean throughout your property, Evolve can recommend Chambers Cleaning.


Chamber Cleaning Services - Domestic - Commercial - Leeds (




Tidy Up Outdoor Spaces: Take advantage of warmer weather to spruce up outdoor areas such as balconies, patios, and gardens. Sweep away debris, prune overgrown plants, and clean outdoor furniture to create a welcoming outdoor oasis. Consider adding potted plants or seasonal flowers to add colour and charm to your outdoor space.


If you need help getting your garden ready for the warmer weather, Evolve can recommend RJH Garden Care on 07395 106507.


Check and Test Safety Devices: Spring cleaning is also a good time to check and test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, and fire extinguishers. Replace batteries as needed and ensure that all safety devices are in working order to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Communicate with Your Agent: If you encounter any maintenance issues or concerns during your spring cleaning efforts, don't hesitate to reach out to Evolve. Promptly reporting maintenance issues ensures that they can be addressed in a timely manner, helping to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment for everyone.


By following these spring cleaning tips, you can rejuvenate your rental property and create a more enjoyable living experience for yourself and your household.


So roll up your sleeves, put on some music, and let the spring cleaning begin!

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Our Leeds Rhinos Announcement

Evolve News

This week we were delighted announce our partnership with the Leeds Rhinos as an Associate Club Partner, including the sponsorship of their star kicker!


This felt like a really big moment for everyone at Evolve and an exciting collaboration that merges our shared values of excellence, teamwork, and community engagement. As Rhino fans, we couldn't be more delighted to align ourselves with such a prestigious and beloved institution in the rugby league world.

As part of this partnership, Evolve is honored to sponsor the star kicker, & talented Rhyse Martin, a standout player whose dedication and skill embody the spirit of the Leeds Rhinos. Through this player sponsorship, we aim to not only support Rhyse in his endeavors on the field but also to contribute to the continued success and growth of the team as a whole.


A Glimpse into Leeds Rhinos


Leeds Rhinos is a professional rugby league club based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. Founded in 1870, the club has a rich history and is widely regarded as one of the most successful teams in the sport. With a strong tradition of excellence and a passionate fanbase, the Rhinos have consistently competed at the highest level, earning numerous championship titles and accolades over the years.


Player Sponsorship: Rhyse Martin


Rhyse Martin is a dynamic and versatile rugby league player who has made a significant impact since joining the Leeds Rhinos. Hailing from Papua New Guinea, Martin brings a unique blend of strength, skill, and determination to the field, making him a formidable presence in both attack and defense. Renowned in Super League for his goal-kicking capabilities, Martin matched the World Record for the most successive goal kicks as the Rhinos reached the Grand Final in 2022. In 2023, he was the only Leeds player to play every minute of every game as he featured at second row, centre and half-back throughout the campaign as he scored 10 tries and 80 goals. 

His leadership qualities and commitment to the game have quickly endeared him to fans and teammates alike, solidifying his position as a key player for the Rhinos as they strive for success in the upcoming seasons.


Watch this space! We have even more news coming as the season kicks off...


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Tenant FAQ's

Evolve News

How do I search for available properties?

Browse our online listings and social media platforms for current available properties. You can filter by location, size, and budget to find a home that suits your needs. We also recommend you register with us to receive updates on new properties coming on to the market.

What costs should I consider?

It is sensible to be clear on all of your outgoings before you start your search to help you work out a budget for your rental property.

Examples include:

  • rent
  • council tax – sometimes included in the rent
  • utilities - gas, electricity and water – sometimes included in the rent
  • telephone and broadband
  • TV licence
  • contents insurance – you will be responsible for arranging contents insurance for your own possessions. The landlord covers the building and their own contents.

This list is not exhaustive, and you should consider what other personal monthly outgoings you have in order to establish what you can afford.

What is the application process like?

The application process is very simple. You submit an online application online and, once approved by the landlord, we conduct background checks including:

  • credit check
  • landlord/agent reference, if you are currently renting
  • written employment reference
  • written accountant reference or recent accounts, if you are self-employed
  • proof of pension and/or savings.

An open banking check is also an option to verify income and can be used for ease and speed.

Will I need a Guarantor?

A landlord may require a guarantor if a tenant’s income is lower than required. Guarantors will need to earn sufficient to cover their own financial commitments as well as your rent. Please contact us if you think this might apply to you and we can provide you with more information.

What will I need to pay to move into a property?

Once your application has been accepted by the landlord, you will be asked to pay a holding deposit to reserve the property while your references are carried out. This will be equivalent to one week’s rent for the property you are applying for.

Rent is normally paid monthly in advance so you will need to pay the balance of your first month’s rent and deposit in advance of the tenancy commencing. We will need confirmation of cleared funds before keys are released

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. The deposit collected will be equivalent to five weeks’ rent. The deposit is refundable at the end of the tenancy subject to the rent being paid and the property being returned in good condition.

There are deposit-free options available for some properties. Please contact us if you would like further information on this scheme.

What is Right to Rent?

Landlords in England must check that anyone aged 18 or over has the Right to Rent before the start date of the tenancy agreement. Further information on how to prove your Right to Rent to a landlord can be found at Prove your right to rent in England: Overview – GOV.UK (

What is an inventory?

Prior to moving into the property you will be issued with an inventory and schedule of condition. This document will list all the items at the property together with a comment on their condition and will be supported by time and date-stamped photos. You should check it thoroughly as it will be referred back to when you vacate and will be used to determine whether any deductions should be made from your deposit.

How are maintenance issues handled?

We operate an online maintenance and reporting system allowing you the convenience of being able to report repairs at any time of the day or night and enabling us to deal with issues promptly and efficiently for you.

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and so we also operate an out-of-hours emergency service to provide you with swift assistance outside of normal office hours. For urgent or emergency repairs that require immediate attention, please contact us by phone without delay.

What is an inspection?

Routine inspections will be carried out during your tenancy to ensure the property is being looked after and to check if there are any maintenance or health and safety issues.

Can I renew my tenancy agreement?

As your tenancy approaches its end date, we will guide you through the process, making it easy to extend your stay in your current property (subject to timely rent payments and satisfactory inspections) or explore other options that may better suit your evolving needs.

It is standard practice for rents to be reviewed every 12 months, so it is worth bearing this in mind when you are budgeting for a rental property and as your renewal approaches.

Why choose Evolve?

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service to our tenants. We aim to:

  • provide a simple, smooth service to all our customers focusing on the highest levels of personal customer service throughout the letting journey
  • ensure the comfort and safety of our customers during their tenancy, we will address maintenance issues promptly and provide clear communication
  • create positive, long-term partnerships by caring about our customers and ensuring they enjoy dealing with us.

Tenant FAQs - Evolve Lets

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Landlord FAQ's

Evolve News

How do I know I am dealing with a reputable agent?

To offer you complete reassurance that you are dealing with a reputable agent, we are members of the Safeagent, The Property Ombudsman and the Information Commissioner’s Office allowing you confidence that our services are fully regulated and that all client money is fully protected.

How does the letting process work?

Our letting process involves a valuation of your property together with advice on preparing it to let, marketing, accompanied viewings, tenant referencing, drawing up of tenancy agreements and collection of initial monies. We handle the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for landlords.

What services do you offer to landlords?

We will tailor our service to meet your individual requirements, whether you are a first-time landlord with one property or an experienced investor with a portfolio of properties. We offer a range of options from fully managed to let only. Please contact us to discuss which service will best suit your situation.

Why should I use a managing agent?

Choosing a fully managed service allows you to completely relax as we will take care of everything for you. This service is ideal if you have limited spare time, live abroad or simply want to ensure that your property is being looked after by trusted, qualified professionals.

What fees are associated with your services?

Our fees vary based on the services chosen. We are transparent about all our fees, including marketing, letting only, and ongoing management fees.

How are tenants referenced?

Our tenant referencing process is carried out by Goodlord and involves stringent background checks, rental history verification, credit checks, and employment verification to ensure reliable and responsible tenants.

What is the Right to Rent?

The Right to Rent scheme, helps to make sure that people renting property in the UK have a legal right to be here. We will check all documentation prior to a let commencing to ensure that your tenants have the Right to Rent.

Do I need an inventory?

It is essential that an accurate Inventory and Schedule of Condition is drawn up and agreed at the start of each tenancy. This will reduce the likelihood of a dispute at the end of the tenancy and will help to ensure that your property is returned as it was handed over. This document will list all of the items at the property together with a comment on their condition and will be supported by time and date-stamped photos.

What deposit will be collected?

We will collect a deposit equivalent to five weeks’ rent and this will be held in accordance with Tenancy Deposit Regulations.

Reposit is an alternative to the traditional cash deposit which offers landlords more protection and is a great value option for tenants. Please contact us for more information.

How do you handle property maintenance?

We have an inhouse maintenance manager who can carry out day-to-day repairs and we use a network of reliable contractors to promptly address any other maintenance issues reported to us. Landlords are kept informed about repairs, and we handle the coordination on their behalf including payment of invoices from rents received.

What if the tenant doesn't pay?

We will collect rent from your tenants. Typically this is monthly and by standing order. The payment will be transferred to your chosen account, less any fees or expenses due for the period, and you will receive a simple, clear statement from us detailing all the transactions relating to your property.

We also manage any rent arrears and will advise you of late payments and the appropriate course of action should a tenant fall behind with their rent. We can offer you rental protection to give you complete peace of mind.

What safety requirements will I be responsible for?

We ensure our team are fully trained to understand the latest legislation so that you have peace of mind that your property is fully compliant with the latest safety regulations including Gas Safety, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Carbon Monoxide and Legionnaires amongst others.

What should I do if my property is leasehold?

The managing agents or freeholders must be advised as a change in the type of occupancy may affect the buildings insurance. You should obtain the freeholders or managing agents consent prior to letting and advise us of any restrictions within the head lease which your tenant should be aware of.

What will my outgoings be?

Your outgoings will usually include:


buildings and contents insurance (as a minimum)

repairs to the property

managing agent’s fees

ground rent and service charges (if leasehold)

utilities and services when the property is empty.

Who will be responsible for the utilities?

The tenantis responsible for the utilities, unless you decide to include any of them in the rent. If this is the case, it will need to be clearly stated on the marketing details and in the tenancy agreement.

What about tax?

You will be taxed on income generated from your rental property. The amount you pay will depend on your individual circumstances. Consider getting extra advice from an accountant so you are clear as to your tax liabilities.

If you are overseas for more than six months in any tax year, you will be classed as a non-resident landlord for tax purposes and will be required to apply to HMRC. If no exemption letter is provided to us, then legislation requires that we deduct tax at the basic rate and pay it over to HMRC. Please note that where there are joint landlords an exemption is required for each landlord.

Do I need to tell my mortgage company?

Yes. You will need to get permission from your mortgage company before you can let your property.

Do I need insurance?

Yes. You should inform your insurance company that you intend to let your property otherwise you may find that your policy is invalid. You should also update your insurance company in accordance with their requirements if your property is going to be empty.

Why choose Evolve?

Selecting the right agent is essential for the smooth management of your property and you need to feel confident that the team you work with will be focused on you and your property.

We want to be different, and we understand that every property and landlord is different too.

We will tailor our service to meet your individual requirements, whether you are a first-time landlord with one property or an experienced investor with a portfolio of properties.

Above all, we want you to enjoy the experience of working with us.

Landlord FAQs (

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A new year at Evolve

Evolve News

Firstly, we would like to wish a Happy New Year to all our incredible clients from 2023! Your support has been the driving force behind our successes, and we're truly grateful for the journey we've shared. Rather than resolutions, we wanted to take some time to consider what our goals might be heading into a fresh year...


To continue improving on the service we offer Landlords and to learn more about their needs and what’s important to them.

Personally, I don’t really make resolutions, but this year after a 2023 of having a few gym injuries and gaining weight, I’m hoping to lose half a stone and get fitter by April. Failing that I’ll binge on Christmas goodies until Spring!!



To build strong working relationships with our customers by checking in on them regularly and communicating with them personally to better understand their needs.

To enhance my professional development by attending industry conferences and workshops to expand my knowledge and to keep up to date with industry changes and trends.

To improve my health and well-being by increasing my daily step count.


To do fortnightly CPD to develop and enhance my abilities across all areas of my work. Working on my strengths and developing myself where I may have weaker spots!

To push our marketing and get Evolve's name out there, everywhere.

To get outside for a walk every day, and swap some of my cup's of tea for a glass of water or two!  


To evolve with Evolve, bringing knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to help establish Evolve as a leading letting agent in 2024.

To get out on the golf course more often (and perhaps pick up some new Evolve clients along the way).

Have you been thinking of joining us and experiencing the evolve difference? Why not pick up the phone and make this your new year goal?! Here's to a year filled with exciting collaborations, growth, and shared achievements.

Cheers to a thriving 2024 for us all!

The Evolve Team

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Introducing our new 'Guide to renting your property' brochure for tenants

Evolve News - December 2023

The brochure covers a diverse range of topics, including:


- A step-by-step breakdown of the renting process, from initial property search to tenancy agreement signing

- A comprehensive overview of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant

- Insightful tips for optimising your property search, enabling you to identify the ideal rental that aligns with your lifestyle and budget

- Practical guidance on managing tenancy-related issues.


Our 'Guide to renting your property' serves as a go-to companion, equipping tenants with the knowledge and tools necessary to make their rental experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

Please click below to read the full guide:

complete-guide-to-renting (

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Making your rental property feel like home

Evolve News - December 2023

What you can do


Personalise: Most landlords are open to tenants adding personal touches to the property. Consider hanging artwork or adding decorative items that reflect your style.


Enhance Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Use floor lamps, table lamps, or LED strips to set the mood. Just be sure to stick to non-permanent fixtures.


Temporary Fixes: If there are minor issues in the property, like a squeaky door or a loose cabinet handle, feel free to fix them temporarily. Be sure to ask your landlord if it's alright to do so.


Add Plants: Indoor plants not only add life to your space but also improve air quality. As long as you take good care of them and avoid making holes in walls for hanging planters, they are usually a great addition.


What you can't do


Major Structural Changes: Structural changes like knocking down walls, adding new doors or windows, or altering the property's layout are typically off-limits for tenants. Always consult your landlord before considering any major modifications.


Painting: Many landlords are open to tenants painting, but usually, they'll require you to paint it back to its original colour when you move out. Be sure to get written permission for this and keep a record of the agreed-upon colours.


Permanent Fixtures: Avoid installing permanent fixtures like built-in bookshelves or new light fixtures without explicit approval from your landlord. These changes can be costly to reverse when you leave.


Structural Repairs: While you can handle minor repairs, any structural or plumbing issues should be reported to your landlord immediately. It is their responsibility to ensure the property's safety and functionality.


Landscaping: In most cases, major landscaping changes should be coordinated with your landlord. Planting trees, digging up the garden, or installing a new patio are generally not within your rights.


Turning your rental property into a cosy home is all about finding a balance between personalisation and respecting the terms of your tenancy agreement. Always communicate with your landlord before making any significant changes and, when possible, get their written approval. By focusing on decor, lighting, and other non-invasive adjustments, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that truly feels like home, without overstepping your tenant boundaries.



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A guide to deposit alternative products for tenants and landlords

Evolve News - December 2023

Deposit alternative products were highlighted in the government’s ‘How to Rent’ guide as an option for tenants which are fully compliant with the Tenant Fees Act, provided the tenant is offered the choice of a cash deposit or a deposit alternative. The guide advises to check the product’s terms and conditions to make sure it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. At Evolve, our chosen provider is Reposit. We chose Reposit because it offers the most reliable cover for landlords and the best value for money for tenants. It is independently authorised by the FCA, which ensures it is aligned with the advice outlined within the How to Rent Guide. 

Evolve is committed to ensuring a best in class service for our valued tenants and landlord customers across Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby and York. To help end any confusion or uncertainty around deposit alternative products, we have put together this easy-to-understand guide to explain how the products work. 

What is a deposit alternative product? Cash deposits usually insist tenants provide up to five weeks rent but deposit alternative products require a much smaller one-off fee, usually equivalent to one week’s rent. 

Evolve’s deposit alternative provider Reposit requires tenants to pay one week’s worth of rent as a non-refundable fee, up front at the start of their tenancy – instead of paying a cash deposit. We believe offering our tenants a choice between this and a traditional cash deposit gives them the flexibility to best manage their money and ensure they are in a sound financial position when they move into a property. 

Reposit also offers its “Switch” product which allows eligible tenants to get their cash deposit back during a tenancy and take a Reposit out in its place. 

Deposit alternative products should not be mistaken for tenant insurance because the tenant remains fully liable at the end of their tenancy for any valid charges such as damage or rent arrears. 

What are the benefits for landlords? Landlords receive more protection by opting into a deposit alternative product. Reposit provides eight weeks’ worth of cover, which is three weeks on top of the usual five, and is completely free of charge. As a result, Reposit’s data shows that over 80% of landlords are interested to offer the product on their properties. Reposit requires that tenants are subjected to quality referencing and affordability checks while its insurance-backed structure means landlords are guaranteed payment in the event of a tenant defaulting on any charges normally covered by a cash deposit. 

Reposit is independently authorised and is currently one of only two deposit alternatives in the UK to have achieved FCA regulated status, meaning it is required by law and regulation to honour the protection offered to landlords. 

Reposit’s own data found that across almost 20,000 tenancies, cash deposits of five weeks rent did not provide landlords with enough protection in 14% of cases. During the same period, more than half (56%) of the tenancies ended without any amounts owed by the tenant at the end of tenancy. Therefore, the benefit of Reposit is that it removes the burden on every tenant to find an extra 5 weeks’ worth of rent at the start of their tenancy, whilst ensuring landlords are more fully covered when things don’t go to plan. 

What are the benefits for tenants? The smaller outlay of one week’s rent means tenants can avoid borrowing money to fund their cash deposit, save and invest it, or simply spend it on something they need. Saving and investing allows tenants to benefit from a better return compared to locking their money away in a cash deposit scheme which does not pay interest. Many tenants would rather put their money to better use right now, especially given inflation has reached in excess of 10%. 

There’s a common misconception that tenants who can’t afford a deposit of five weeks rent, can’t afford to take on a tenancy. However, a tenant’s capability to produce a lump sum of five weeks rent is not a reliable indicator of their financial stability, or whether they can afford their monthly rent on an ongoing basis. A survey commissioned by Reposit in early May 2023 found 30% of renters relied on overdrafts, credit cards, loans or borrowed from family and friends to pay their deposits. A tenant’s financial capacity to pay the monthly rental cost in full is best assessed by quality referencing and affordability checks carried out by specialist providers. 

By using a deposit alternative product, tenants avoid having to turn to lenders such as credit card companies - which charge an average of 23% APR - or personal loans to fund a deposit of five weeks rent and are therefore in a better financial position when moving into the property – reducing the risk of rent arrears. 

What happens if there is a dispute? With a deposit alternative product, as with cash, the tenant remains fully liable at the end of their tenancy for any valid charges such as damage or rent arrears. Also, like cash deposits, tenants have the option to accept or dispute them. 

In the case of a dispute, the case will undergo Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) conducted by an independent, third part adjudicator. To raise a dispute, the tenant will be required to pay a £60 dispute fee, which is refunded if the charges are reduced by the adjudicator. Another advantage of Reposit is that all formal disputes will receive a final verdict from the adjudicator within just 14 days. 

Visit Reposit for further information. 

Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. It is solely to provide insight into why Evolve decided to offer a deposit alternative to our landlords and tenants. Independent and professional advice should be taken before renting a property or buying financial products

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Understanding Rental Property Emergencies: A Tenant's Guide

Evolve News - December 2023

What constitutes an emergency?


A genuine emergency represents either an immediate danger to safety and/ or issue which might cause additional, unnecessary damage to the property if not attend to immediately. 

An emergency in a rental property typically falls into one of the following categories:

  • Fire: If there is a fire in your property or building, you should leave premises and call 999 immediately. Fire is a life-threatening emergency.
  • Gas leaks: If you can smell gas or suspect a gas leak, you should leave the property immediately and call National Grid on 0800 111 999
  • Water leaks: In cases where severe water leaks or burst pipes that cannot be contained or stopped by turning off an isolation valve or stop tap
  • Break ins which require doors and/ or windows to be secured
  • Total loss of heating or hot water in extreme weather conditions
  • No Electricity: If your power goes out and it is not due to a power cut
  • Electrical Faults: Any electrical issues that pose a risk of fire or electrical shock are considered emergencies
  • No water: Call Yorkshire Water on 0345 1242424

What to do in an emergency


When you encounter an emergency in your rental property, here are the steps to take:


- Safety First: Ensure your safety and the safety of others. In life-threatening situations, call 999 first.


- Contact your landlord or letting agent immediately to report the emergency. Provide essential details including:

·        Your name and contact number.

·        Your property address, including any specific unit or apartment number.

·        A clear and concise description of the emergency issue.

·        Any immediate actions you have taken to contain the situation (e.g. turning off utilities).

- Document the Issue: Take photos or videos of the emergency if it is safe to do so. Documentation can be valuable for insurance claims or legal purposes.


- Mitigate Damage: If it is safe and practical, take steps to minimise further damage (e.g., shutting off water in case of a leak).


By being prepared and proactive, you can navigate rental property emergencies with confidence. Always prioritise safety and keep open lines of communication with your landlord or letting agent to ensure that any issues are resolved efficiently and effectively.


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Signs of the Times: A journey through Estate & Letting Agents boards.

Evolve News - December 2023

Their story begins in the Victorian era when the first inklings of property advertising emerged. It was a time when newspapers and posters were the primary means of communication, but enterprising agents recognised the need for a more visible and direct approach to marketing properties.

The early boards were modest affairs, often hand-painted wooden signs discreetly positioned outside the properties. As time marched on, technological advancements ushered in new possibilities. The advent of printing and mass-produced signage in the 20th century brought about a proliferation of agent boards across the UK.

Fast forward to the swinging sixties, and estate agent boards underwent a transformation that mirrored the bold and dynamic spirit of the era. Neon colors, quirky fonts, and innovative designs became the order of the day. The streets were suddenly awash with eye-catching boards, reflecting the vibrant optimism of a society on the move.

The '80s brought a touch of corporate professionalism to the scene. Sleek, uniform boards bearing the logos of established estate agencies sprouted up like well-groomed topiaries on the lawns of suburbia. This era marked the transition from the quaint and quirky to the polished and professional.

As the digital age dawned, estate and letting agent boards faced competition from their virtual counterparts. Online listings and virtual tours became increasingly popular, leading some to question the relevance of the traditional board. Yet, despite the rise of the digital age, the physical presence of a board outside a property retained a unique charm and a tangible connection to the community.

In recent years, a trend toward sustainability has influenced the design of agent boards. Environmentally conscious materials and minimalist designs have become the order of the day. Boards now not only sell and let homes but also convey a message of responsibility towards the planet.

In conclusion, the history of estate and letting agent boards is a fascinating journey through the changing tides of society, technology, and design. From their humble beginnings as hand-painted signs to today's eco-friendly and sleek incarnations, these boards continue to play a role in the ever-evolving narrative of the property market. 

We were very excited to see our boards start to go up across the area in recent weeks. We'd love to hear from you if you have spotted one of our boards!

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The Negotiator Conference 2023

Evolve News - December 2023

One of the highlights of The Negotiator Conference was the opportunity to engage with over 30 industry suppliers. The exhibition hall provided a platform for letting agents to explore the latest products and services tailored to enhance their businesses. From innovative proptech solutions to property management tools, suppliers showcased a diverse array of offerings, allowing agents to stay ahead of the curve and streamline their operations.

The conference was not just about tangible products; it was also a hub of ideas and discussions. Expert speakers took the stage to share their insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the letting industry presented on a backdrop of political, economic and technological uncertainty. Topics ranged from the impact of digital transformation on property management to navigating regulatory changes affecting the sector. We were treated to a wealth of knowledge, gaining fresh perspectives on how to adapt and thrive in an increasingly competitive market.

We particularly enjoyed hearing from Clare Yates from CY Training Works on ‘Service Sells: 10 ideas to delight customers and win hearts and mind’. Her presentation resonated with the team at Evolve who all share a passion for delivering exceptional customer service. 

The networking opportunities at The Negotiator Conference were also invaluable and allowed us the opportunity to connect with peers, share success stories, and discuss challenges faced in our day-to-day operations. 

In conclusion, The Negotiator Conference on Friday, 24th November, provided us with an invaluable opportunity to stay at the forefront of our industry. From engaging with industry suppliers to absorbing insights from expert speakers and fostering valuable connections, the conference was a comprehensive exploration of the evolving landscape of letting. 

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What Landlords Need to Know About Stress Testing for Mortgages!

Evolve News

What Landlords Need to Know About Stress Testing for mortgages!


  • What is the difference between Loan To Income (LTI) and Loan To Value (LTV)?
  • What changes in Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines could impact borrowers who had previously been rejected for a mortgage
  • What is Stress testing and why it is used?

If you are looking to buy a potential investment property, or re-finance your existing ones, it is essential to understand the financial process involved. Stress testing used to be a significant factor in this, and it aimed to ensure that borrowers could afford their mortgage payments, even if rates were to rise.

Although the formal stress test has been scrapped, lenders still need to assess affordability and consider your income when looking at your mortgage application. How do lenders assess your finances without a stress test?

Stress testing explained

Stress testing required borrowers to demonstrate that they could afford monthly repayments, even if mortgage rates increased by 3% above the standard variable rate of their lender.

Though no longer a formal requirement, the loan-to-income ratio remains in place.

The LTI limit puts a restriction on the number of mortgages a lender can issue to incomes greater than 4.5 times.

LTIs for landlords

It’s important to understand that buy-to-let properties usually require an LTV of 75-80%, meaning you’ll need a 20-25% deposit. Knowing the ratios is crucial when applying for a mortgage, affecting how much can be borrowed and the deposit size.

Why the official stress test was scrapped?

The Bank of England undertook assessments of their mortgage affordability tests, including stress tests. Following the review, the Financial Policy Committee withdrew its stress test recommendations. Rising property prices and the likelihood of more rejected applications due to stress tests played a role in the decision.

The impact on borrowers

Though stress tests are no longer required, lenders must comply with FCA guidelines. This means making a reasonable assessment of a borrower's affordability and offering financial products that do not disadvantage them. While these changes mean that some previously rejected applicants may now qualify for mortgages, others could also receive larger mortgages, which comes with its own risks. This is why it’s essential for lenders to have conversations with applicants about their finances to ensure responsible lending.


Impact on landlords

Buy-to-let mortgages are based on the expected rental income of the property, with lenders typically wanting rental income to be 125% of the monthly mortgage payments. The loan-to-value that lenders require may be impacted if the rental income is not high enough, thus requiring a larger deposit.


Criteria for assessing landlord affordability typically include:

· Income

· Deposit amount

· Employment status

· Age

· Credit score

· Location

Advice for applying for a buy-to-let mortgage

Researching the market is important, using a broker is key. It is also crucial to understand the costs involved in maintaining a property, including repairs, maintenance, insurance, agent rates, tax, and legal fees.

Stress testing remains a crucial factor in the mortgage application process and understanding its impact on borrowers and landlords is essential for making informed decisions when buying property.


Contact Emma at Exclusively Mortgages to discuss your needs:



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Stay Cosy This Winter: A Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Home Warm

Evolve News

As winter approaches, it is crucial to prepare your rental property for the colder months. Keeping your home warm not only ensures your comfort but also helps you save on heating costs. In this guide, we will provide tenants with valuable tips on how to keep their homes warm and cosy throughout the winter season. 


Plan ahead 

Taking the time now to decide how you will keep your home warm will help you get through some of the colder temperatures in the coming months. Taking the decision to make the same monthly payment for your energy bills in the summer when your usage is low, may help you to budget in the winter by building up a ‘surplus’ to be used in the winter. 

Choose curtains & blinds that keep the warmth in 

When it comes to window dressings, blinds and curtains make a brilliant addition that can keep the heat in when they’re closed – especially if they are made from a thick, insulating material. If it is possible to double up with blinds and curtains on each window, this is an additional layer that can help retain the heat. You might need to check with your landlord first if they have provided you with window fittings and you would like to swap out existing curtains with your own but if it is possible to add your new curtains to the existing fittings, then this should be a straightforward switch. Just remember to take them down when you move out. 

Maximise insulation 

Improving insulation is a long-term solution to keep your home warm. While tenants may not be able to make structural changes, you can use draft snakes for doors and add rugs to insulate the floors. Uninsulated floors can be a key reason why rooms don’t warm up in your home. Investing in a rug could be a very easy to inject a bit of personality and make a considerable difference to your warmth levels. Shop around for some thick rugs to find one that suits your budget, and you’ll soon see a difference. 


Make the most of the property’s aspect 

Making the most of the property’s aspect is something often overlooked. During the day, it’s tempting to leave curtains closed to keep in the heat, but the sun is a very effective heater. Try to leave window dressings open to allow as much winter sun in as possible. If you are lucky enough to have a South facing window, this should be warm all day.  

Set thermostat appropriately 

When it comes to reducing energy bills, it is often advised to keep your central heating at a constant low level instead of blasting at high heat in infrequent bursts. As well as reducing the cost, this approach also reduces the chances of pipes bursting. It can also pay to think of practical ways to avoid overusing the heating system, including drying your clothes on a clothes horse instead of on radiators (just be mindful to ventilate if you do this, to avoid causing damp). You could also lower the temperature when you are not at home or when you are sleeping and increase it when you need warmth.  

Check radiators 

It is sensible to check that all the radiators are working effectively before you need to use them. If they are cold at the top and warming up slightly at the bottom, this could indicate they have a build-up of air inside, and this will stop them from being as hot as they could be. This is usually very easy to resolve – and they probably need bleeding. This is a tenant responsibility but before you do this, you will need to know whether you have a combi boiler or not. If you do, bleeding a radiator can reduce the overall pressure in your heating system, meaning the boiler will need topping up. You could check this with you landlord or agent first if you are unsure. 

Dress Warmly 

Layering up with warm clothing can help you feel cosy without cranking up the heat. Also, consider using blankets and throws to stay warm while watching TV or relaxing. 


Cook and Bake 

Using your oven not only prepares delicious meals but also warms up your home. This added heat can be a great way to save on heating costs during the winter months. 


Staying warm during the winter is essential for your comfort and well-being. By following these tips, you can create a cosy and energy-efficient environment and enjoy a warm and comfortable winter in your home.  

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A Day of Learning and Networking: Propertymark Yorkshire Regional Conference

Evolve News

In the fast-paced world of property, staying informed and connected is key to success. On Tuesday Emily & Isabelle attended the Propertymark Yorkshire Regional Conference held at the Cedar Court Hotel in Harrogate. With a shared commitment to keeping up-to-date on industry news and enhancing their industry knowledge, this conference proved to be an invaluable experience.

The event brought together a diverse group of Residential & Lettings professionals, experts, and thought leaders, offering Isabelle and Emily the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for the industry.

Throughout the day, Isabelle and Emily immersed themselves in a series of educational sessions covering a wide range of topics. From the latest market trends to regulatory updates, the conference provided a comprehensive overview of the property landscape in Yorkshire and beyond. The speakers, each experts in their respective fields, shared valuable insights that Isabelle and Emily are eager to apply to their own work. Clare Yates, who has worked in the property industry for over 30 years, was a firm favourite focusing on how to effectively communicate with difficult people to achieve a positive result. Her delivery was upbeat, engaging and it was clear that she has a wealth of knowledge on how provide the best possible service to landlords & tenants alike.

Networking was a key focus of the conference, and Isabelle & Emily seized the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals during the breaks (whilst enjoying an excellent selection of food!), whilst browsing a range of supplier stalls. 

After a truly enjoyable day at the Propertymark Yorkshire Regional Conference, Isabelle & Emily are feeling motivated and inspired to apply their newfound knowledge to their roles and Evolve. Next stop - The Negotiator Conference & Expo 2023 in London!

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Evolve Switch: Simplifying landlord moves

Evolve News

In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

1. Evaluate your current terms of business:

The first step is to review your existing contract with your current agent. Pay close attention to the termination clauses, notice period, and any associated fees. Knowing your obligations and rights will help you make an informed decision.

 2. Contact Evolve

We will take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services to your unique needs. We will let you know what information we need to get started and handle the transition for you from start to finish to make the switch between agents as smooth as possible.

 3. Inform your current agent:

Once you have made your decision to switch to Evolve, inform your current agent. Follow the notice period and any termination requirements specified in your contract to avoid any unnecessary penalties or delays.

 4. Transfer property information:

Provide Evolve with the details for your current agent and we will contact them to obtain all the necessary information about your property and tenants. This includes tenancy agreements, deposit information, tenant contact details, property maintenance history and safety certificates. This step ensures that the transition is seamless and that we can pick up where your previous agent left off.

 5. Experience the Evolve Difference:

Once your old agent has handed over all necessary documentation and responsibilities to Evolve, your transition is complete. We will remain committed to providing you with excellent customer service beyond the transition period and will ensure that your tenants are fully informed and comfortable with the transfer to Evolve.


Switching property management agents doesn't have to be a daunting process. By following these simple steps you can transition to Evolve with minimal stress. Whether it's better service, more competitive fees, or improved communication you are seeking, don't hesitate to make the change that's right for you and your property.


Contact us today to experience the Evolve Difference


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U-turn on Section 21 eviction notices

Evolve News

A main commitment of the upcoming Renters (Reform) Bill is to abolish section 21, which is also known as a "no-fault eviction" notice. To help landlords to recover their property, the bill outlines plans to strengthen other grounds under section 8.

However, just before the bill's second reading in October 2023, the government stated that the courts process would need to make "sufficient process" before section 21 could be abolished. This likely means there will be delays to abolishing section 21, with Letting Agent Today dubbing the move a full "U-turn". Find full commentary and further information from Goodlord here:

Your guide to the upcoming abolition of section 21 | Goodlord

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Tenants - the importance of knowing your rights & responsibilities

Evolve News

As a tenant, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and repairing your rental property. While landlords are generally responsible, tenants also have specific obligations. In this article, we'll explore what repairs you, as a tenant, are typically responsible for.


1. Routine Maintenance


Tenants are typically responsible for routine maintenance tasks, such as:


- Keeping the property clean: Regular cleaning is your responsibility.


- Changing light bulbs: Replacing light bulbs during your tenancy is usually your duty.


- Gardening: If the property includes a garden, you are likely to be responsible for mowing the lawn, weeding, and general upkeep.


- Pest control: It is often the tenant's responsibility to address minor pest infestations, like ants, by keeping the premises clean.


2. Minor Repairs


Tenants are generally expected to cover the cost of minor repairs that result from regular wear and tear. These may include:


- Replacing broken windows due to accidental damage.


- Fixing minor plumbing issues, like a blocked sinks or toilets, unless the problem is the result of pre-existing issues.


- Bleeding radiators.


- Changing batteries in smoke detectors.


- Regularly testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.



3. Reporting Maintenance Issues


Tenants are responsible for promptly reporting any maintenance or repair issues to the landlord. Even if you're not directly responsible for the repair, notifying your landlord of the problem is crucial. This allows them to take appropriate action and arrange for professional repairs as needed.


4. Major Repairs and Landlord Responsibilities


When it comes to major repairs and structural issues, the responsibility usually falls on the landlord. These may include:


- Plumbing or electrical problems that are not the result of tenant actions.


- Roof leaks, structural damage, or issues with the foundation.


- Major appliance malfunctions not caused by tenant misuse.


- Heating and cooling system failures.


- Issues related to safety, such as broken locks or faulty smoke detectors.


5. Tenancy Agreements


Your specific responsibilities regarding repairs are outlined in your tenancy agreement. Make sure to carefully read and understand your agreement, as it may contain clauses specifying who is responsible for certain repairs and maintenance tasks.



Understanding your responsibilities as a tenant when it comes to repairs and maintenance is essential for a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship. While tenants are generally responsible for routine maintenance and minor repairs, major structural issues and certain safety concerns are typically the landlord's responsibility. Always refer to your tenancy agreement for specific guidance, and don't hesitate to communicate any issues that require attention in your rental property.

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The New "How To Rent" Guide

Evolve News

The Government issued an updated version of it's "How to Rent" guide today:

How to rent - the checklist for renting in England - October 2023:

The ‘How to Rent’ guide is a comprehensive document produced by the UK Government, designed to help tenants and landlords understand their rights and responsibilities. While this guide has been updated periodically, it remains an indispensable resource for anyone involved in the rental market and its latest version addresses recent legislative changes and offers practical advice for both landlords and tenants. Furthermore, and very important to note, it must be supplied to tenants in England before they start a new tenancy. Failure to do so can have negative consequences - such as invalidating a section 21 notice should it was needed further down the line.


The Role of an Informed Letting Agent


Partnering with a professional letting agent who is well-informed about current legislation is crucial for landlords. Here's why:

  • Expertise

A reputable letting agent should have a deep understanding of the "How to Rent" guide and other relevant regulations. They can provide guidance on compliance and help landlords make informed decisions that minimise risk.


  • Keeping You Updated

Legislation changes frequently, and it can be challenging for landlords to stay current. An informed letting agent can ensure that you remain aware of any updates to the "How to Rent" guide or other pertinent laws, protecting you from potential legal pitfalls.


  • Tenant Screening

Letting agents play a critical role in tenant screening, ensuring that you choose reliable tenants who are likely to meet their rental obligations. This minimises the risk of disputes and possession issues down the line.


A partnership with Evolve can help safeguard your interests and possession rights and our expertise, knowledge of current legislation, and commitment to your success will prove invaluable as you navigate the ever-changing world of property rentals.


Contact Evolve today on 01937 221401 to discuss how we can help with your property requirements. 

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BREAKING NEWS! Government's U-turn on EPC requirements.

Evolve News
In a surprising turn of events, the government has made a significant U-turn regarding Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirements for landlords.

The Initial EPC Mandate

To understand the recent reversal, it is important to first review the initial EPC mandate. The government introduced the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in 2007 as part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions and improve the energy efficiency of buildings. EPCs are required for residential and commercial properties before they can be sold or rented out. They provide valuable information about a property's energy efficiency, helping tenants make informed decisions about their energy costs and environmental impact.

The U-Turn

Initially, the government had announced plans to raise the minimum EPC rating required for rental properties from an E rating to a C rating by 2025 for new tenancies, and 2028 for all tenancies. This was seen as a bold move towards a greener and more energy-efficient housing stock. However, in a surprising move, the government has now shared that homeowners and landlords are likely to no longer be required to meet these new energy efficiency targets.

Implications for Landlords

Landlords had been gearing up for the EPC improvements, with many already investing in energy-efficient upgrades to meet the previous 2025 deadline. The U-turn now leaves landlords with more time to comply and the delay in implementing the higher EPC standards could provide financial relief for landlords, as they won't have to make costly improvements immediately. However, it's essential for landlords to keep an eye on future policy changes and be prepared to adapt their properties accordingly.
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A memorable evening of celebration: our grand launch party at Bowcliffe Hall

Evolve News

With around 60 guests in attendance, including landlords, tenants, property professionals, Martin House Children's Hospice (who we are pleased to support) and local sports celebrities, our launch party was a resounding success.

Welcomed by the enchanting voice of Shona Crossan, the Drivers Club at Bowcliffe Hall provided a magnificent backdrop for the celebration. Surrounded by the hall's historic charm and picturesque scenery, our guests enjoyed an evening of networking complemented by drinks and delicious canapés. The icing on the cake was the stylish tote goodie bags. Packed to the brim with exclusive Evolve branded merchandise and tasty treats from The Bottled Baking Company & Laura's Confectionery, making sure that every guest left with a piece of the unforgettable evening.       



Isabelle Benz and Emily Wilkinson, co-founders of Evolve Lettings, expressed their gratitude to everyone who attended, and emphasised their commitment to providing an exceptional service to both landlords and tenants in the local area. Their passion for the property market and dedication to customer satisfaction were evident throughout the evening.

"We were thrilled to see so many familiar faces and new friends joining us for this special occasion," said Isabelle. "To have received such a high level of support at the beginning of our journey is really fantastic. This evening marks the beginning of a journey dedicated to providing exceptional services to landlords and tenants and we couldn't be more excited."

Three cheers for Team Evolve!


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Spreading joy and speed: charity supercar day at Martin House Children’s Hospice

Evolve News - August 2023

We are very proud to have supported the Martin House Supercar Day, organised by Redline Specialist Cars, which took place at the hospice only last week.

Evolve Lettings, who already support Martin House by donating Christmas Trees to their winter events, sponsored the Supercar day by way of a successful auction bid at the Martin House Glitter Ball in May. Two of the cars at the event were also kindly loaned for the day by owner Richard Bramma, Director at Evolve Lettings.

This fun and exciting event blended the thrill of speed with the joy of giving and brought smiles to the faces of the young patients and their families and siblings.

The lineup included iconic names like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Bentley and the revving of engines and the sight of sleek designs created an atmosphere of exhilaration and excitement amongst everyone who attended.

For the young patients at the children’s hospice, the day was a dream come true. Many children, who often spend their days dealing with medical challenges, had the chance to get up close and personal with these incredible machines. Their faces lit up as they explored the cars, posed for pictures, and even sat in the driver’s seats, imagining themselves behind the wheel. One of the most touching moments of the day was when some of the children were taken for exhilarating rides in the supercars.

Emily Wilkinson, Commercial Director at Evolve Lettings, said ‘I have been honoured to support Martin House for many years and to be able to extend this support to an event held at the hospice itself was fantastic. It was incredibly heartwarming to watch the excitement and enjoyment of the children and their families around the cars.’

While the supercars stole the spotlight for a day, the real stars were the children who were given a chance to forget their troubles and enjoy a day of pure excitement and joy.

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Discovering excellence: unveiling the upcoming launch event for Evolve Lettings

Evolve News - August 2023


The anticipation is building as we prepare to launch Evolve Lettings by way of an evening of celebration at Bowcliffe Hall in Bramham.

The launch event aims to bring together tenants, property owners, and industry professionals to unveil an agency that we hope will transform the renting experience in the local area. Attendees can expect a touch of glamour and entertainment, making it an evening to remember. With live music and delectable catering, the event is set to be a perfect blend of business and pleasure.

Our team of dedicated professionals has been hard at work to create a new and exciting agency which offers an alternative to traditional high street letting agencies and online agents. We will be providing our customers with the unique advantage of having their own dedicated, expert agent allowing us to build trust with all our clients through a friendly and personalised service. We want to be different and understand that every property and landlord is different too. Above all, we want our customers to enjoy the experience of working with us.

We look forward to sharing photos and information on how the event went with you in the coming weeks.

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Elevating your property investments: the power of partnering with Reposit

Evolve News - August 2023

As a landlord, your investment properties represent a significant financial commitment and a source of steady income. Evolve Lettings are always seeking innovative solutions to enhance your property management experience and bolster your rental investment and one such solution is our partnership with Reposit.

Reposit is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionises the way rental deposits are handled. By collaborating with Reposit, Evolve Lettings can offer tenants an alternative to the traditional deposit model. Tenants pay a non-refundable fee of one week's rent whilst a landlord is covered for 8 weeks' worth of protection, easing any concerns about potential damage or unpaid rent.

Key Benefits for Landlords:

1. Increased Tenant Appeal: In a competitive rental market, properties that offer more tenant-friendly terms are more likely to attract a larger pool of qualified renters. By offering the option of Reposit, you make your property more appealing to potential tenants. It's worth noting that tenants still have to pass all the relevant referencing checks, so you can be sure of onboarding good quality occupants.

2. Streamlined Tenant Onboarding: Traditional deposits can be a financial hurdle for tenants, causing delays in securing a property. With Reposit, tenants can secure a property more swiftly, expediting the move-in process and minimising potential revenue gaps.

3. Mitigated Risk: Reposit provides comprehensive coverage for potential damages or unpaid rent, protecting your investment. With Reposit, landlords are protected for 8 weeks' worth of rent. 60% more than a cash deposit and the most cover offered by any deposit alternative on the market. This added layer of security allows you to rest easy, knowing that your property is safeguarded.

Gurman Bains from Reposit said: "Landlords love Reposit for lots of different reasons. Obviously, the increased cover compared to cash deposits is great, it's a much better process for tenants which makes it much smoother getting them into properties and reducing void periods.

It's not just about getting tenants into properties either, it's a much better process at the end of the tenancy. If there are any charges, submitting them is easy and even if there's a dispute Reposit will payout, on average, in less than 20 days, which is significantly shorter than some cash deposit schemes.

We're pleased to partner with Evolve Lettings as they demonstrate their commitment to providing an exceptional experience for their landlords and tenants by offering our deposit alternative product."

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Navigating the renters reform bill: the advantages of enlisting a managing agent

Evolve News - August 2023

As the Renters Reform Bill 2023 reshapes the rental landscape, landlords find themselves navigating a new terrain of regulations and responsibilities. Amidst these changes, utilising the services of a professional managing agent will be an invaluable asset.

The team at Evolve Lettings have decades of experience in the rental industry and are ideally placed to help guide our landlords through these changes. We can tailor our service to meet your individual requirements, whether you are a first-time landlord with one property or an experienced investor with a portfolio of properties and we have the unique advantage of being able to provide you with a dedicated, expert agent. Please contact us to discuss our services and how we can help with your property requirements.

Choosing Evolve Lettings as your agent offers you the following benefits:

Expertise in Regulatory Compliance:

The Renters Reform Bill introduces a range of regulatory changes that landlords must adhere to. Evolve Lettings are well-versed in these legal requirements and can guide landlords through the complexities of the new legislation. From understanding eviction procedures to ensuring property conditions meet the new standards, Evolve Lettings will help landlords stay compliant and avoid legal pitfalls.

Navigating Longer-Term Tenancies:

With the bill promoting longer tenancies, landlords may encounter new challenges in terms of rent increases, contract renewals, and maintaining tenant relationships. Evolve Lettings will provide advice on adjusting rental rates and managing contractual obligations, ensuring landlords strike a balance between tenant satisfaction and financial viability.

Evolving Tenant Expectations:

Evolve Lettings can assist landlords in meeting heightened tenant expectations by ensuring properties are well-maintained, addressing repair requests promptly, and providing effective communication. Meeting these expectations can enhance tenant satisfaction and reduce turnover, ultimately benefiting landlords' long-term investments.

Professional Property Maintenance:

As the bill emphasises improved property conditions, Evolve Lettings can oversee regular maintenance, repairs, and necessary upgrades to meet the new standards. This proactive approach not only ensures compliance but also enhances property value, attracting quality tenants and facilitating long-term rental success.

Tenant Communication: Amidst regulatory changes, maintaining healthy landlord-tenant relationships is paramount. Evolve Lettings excel in clear communication and efficient conflict resolution, mitigating misunderstandings and potential disputes. A harmonious relationship contributes to tenant retention.

Efficiency and Time Savings:

Navigating the Renters Reform Bill demands time and effort. Evolve Lettings expertise streamlines the process, enabling landlords to focus on other aspects of their lives. Handling property management tasks professionally reduces stress, increases efficiency, and ensures compliance, making the investment in choosing Evolve Lettings as your managing agent well worth it.

In the face of the Renters Reform Bill's transformative changes, landlords stand to benefit significantly from enlisting the expertise of a managing agent. With our in-depth knowledge of the changing legislation, commitment to compliance, and experience in maintaining successful landlord-tenant relationships, Evolve Lettings are an essential resource for landlords seeking to navigate this new era of property management.

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