Evolve Switch: Simplifying landlord moves

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In this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

1. Evaluate your current terms of business:

The first step is to review your existing contract with your current agent. Pay close attention to the termination clauses, notice period, and any associated fees. Knowing your obligations and rights will help you make an informed decision.

 2. Contact Evolve

We will take the time to understand your specific requirements and tailor our services to your unique needs. We will let you know what information we need to get started and handle the transition for you from start to finish to make the switch between agents as smooth as possible.

 3. Inform your current agent:

Once you have made your decision to switch to Evolve, inform your current agent. Follow the notice period and any termination requirements specified in your contract to avoid any unnecessary penalties or delays.

 4. Transfer property information:

Provide Evolve with the details for your current agent and we will contact them to obtain all the necessary information about your property and tenants. This includes tenancy agreements, deposit information, tenant contact details, property maintenance history and safety certificates. This step ensures that the transition is seamless and that we can pick up where your previous agent left off.

 5. Experience the Evolve Difference:

Once your old agent has handed over all necessary documentation and responsibilities to Evolve, your transition is complete. We will remain committed to providing you with excellent customer service beyond the transition period and will ensure that your tenants are fully informed and comfortable with the transfer to Evolve.


Switching property management agents doesn't have to be a daunting process. By following these simple steps you can transition to Evolve with minimal stress. Whether it's better service, more competitive fees, or improved communication you are seeking, don't hesitate to make the change that's right for you and your property.


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