Signs of the Times: A journey through Estate & Letting Agents boards.

Evolve News - December 2023

Their story begins in the Victorian era when the first inklings of property advertising emerged. It was a time when newspapers and posters were the primary means of communication, but enterprising agents recognised the need for a more visible and direct approach to marketing properties.

The early boards were modest affairs, often hand-painted wooden signs discreetly positioned outside the properties. As time marched on, technological advancements ushered in new possibilities. The advent of printing and mass-produced signage in the 20th century brought about a proliferation of agent boards across the UK.

Fast forward to the swinging sixties, and estate agent boards underwent a transformation that mirrored the bold and dynamic spirit of the era. Neon colors, quirky fonts, and innovative designs became the order of the day. The streets were suddenly awash with eye-catching boards, reflecting the vibrant optimism of a society on the move.

The '80s brought a touch of corporate professionalism to the scene. Sleek, uniform boards bearing the logos of established estate agencies sprouted up like well-groomed topiaries on the lawns of suburbia. This era marked the transition from the quaint and quirky to the polished and professional.

As the digital age dawned, estate and letting agent boards faced competition from their virtual counterparts. Online listings and virtual tours became increasingly popular, leading some to question the relevance of the traditional board. Yet, despite the rise of the digital age, the physical presence of a board outside a property retained a unique charm and a tangible connection to the community.

In recent years, a trend toward sustainability has influenced the design of agent boards. Environmentally conscious materials and minimalist designs have become the order of the day. Boards now not only sell and let homes but also convey a message of responsibility towards the planet.

In conclusion, the history of estate and letting agent boards is a fascinating journey through the changing tides of society, technology, and design. From their humble beginnings as hand-painted signs to today's eco-friendly and sleek incarnations, these boards continue to play a role in the ever-evolving narrative of the property market. 

We were very excited to see our boards start to go up across the area in recent weeks. We'd love to hear from you if you have spotted one of our boards!

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