Stay Cosy This Winter: A Tenant's Guide to Keeping Your Home Warm

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As winter approaches, it is crucial to prepare your rental property for the colder months. Keeping your home warm not only ensures your comfort but also helps you save on heating costs. In this guide, we will provide tenants with valuable tips on how to keep their homes warm and cosy throughout the winter season. 


Plan ahead 

Taking the time now to decide how you will keep your home warm will help you get through some of the colder temperatures in the coming months. Taking the decision to make the same monthly payment for your energy bills in the summer when your usage is low, may help you to budget in the winter by building up a ‘surplus’ to be used in the winter. 

Choose curtains & blinds that keep the warmth in 

When it comes to window dressings, blinds and curtains make a brilliant addition that can keep the heat in when they’re closed – especially if they are made from a thick, insulating material. If it is possible to double up with blinds and curtains on each window, this is an additional layer that can help retain the heat. You might need to check with your landlord first if they have provided you with window fittings and you would like to swap out existing curtains with your own but if it is possible to add your new curtains to the existing fittings, then this should be a straightforward switch. Just remember to take them down when you move out. 

Maximise insulation 

Improving insulation is a long-term solution to keep your home warm. While tenants may not be able to make structural changes, you can use draft snakes for doors and add rugs to insulate the floors. Uninsulated floors can be a key reason why rooms don’t warm up in your home. Investing in a rug could be a very easy to inject a bit of personality and make a considerable difference to your warmth levels. Shop around for some thick rugs to find one that suits your budget, and you’ll soon see a difference. 


Make the most of the property’s aspect 

Making the most of the property’s aspect is something often overlooked. During the day, it’s tempting to leave curtains closed to keep in the heat, but the sun is a very effective heater. Try to leave window dressings open to allow as much winter sun in as possible. If you are lucky enough to have a South facing window, this should be warm all day.  

Set thermostat appropriately 

When it comes to reducing energy bills, it is often advised to keep your central heating at a constant low level instead of blasting at high heat in infrequent bursts. As well as reducing the cost, this approach also reduces the chances of pipes bursting. It can also pay to think of practical ways to avoid overusing the heating system, including drying your clothes on a clothes horse instead of on radiators (just be mindful to ventilate if you do this, to avoid causing damp). You could also lower the temperature when you are not at home or when you are sleeping and increase it when you need warmth.  

Check radiators 

It is sensible to check that all the radiators are working effectively before you need to use them. If they are cold at the top and warming up slightly at the bottom, this could indicate they have a build-up of air inside, and this will stop them from being as hot as they could be. This is usually very easy to resolve – and they probably need bleeding. This is a tenant responsibility but before you do this, you will need to know whether you have a combi boiler or not. If you do, bleeding a radiator can reduce the overall pressure in your heating system, meaning the boiler will need topping up. You could check this with you landlord or agent first if you are unsure. 

Dress Warmly 

Layering up with warm clothing can help you feel cosy without cranking up the heat. Also, consider using blankets and throws to stay warm while watching TV or relaxing. 


Cook and Bake 

Using your oven not only prepares delicious meals but also warms up your home. This added heat can be a great way to save on heating costs during the winter months. 


Staying warm during the winter is essential for your comfort and well-being. By following these tips, you can create a cosy and energy-efficient environment and enjoy a warm and comfortable winter in your home.  

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